Hello all! My name is Gracie

I am the founder of RinggitFreedom.com - a late-millennial born in Malaysia during the early 90's, an IT enthusiast and also a nerd who happens to have a strong interest in personal finance.

I have always wanted to start my own blog but have postponed these thoughts/ideas for as long as I could due to the lack of proper motivation / and other stuff that life throws at me and finally, here I am! I hope that by openly sharing my journey, it will help to inspire more Malaysians to start their own version of their financial freedom journey.

Why Ringgit Freedom?

I've always fancied the idea of sharing more about my journey when it comes to personal finance - but it is very tricky in the real world due to the simple fact that we have to filter out certain information to either safeguard ourselves or avoid awkward/negative sentiment when it comes to friend/peers (one of my friends had a fight with me for just sharing "too much info". Yup, reality stinks...)

With a pseudonymous online presence, at least I get to be as transparent as I can without the need to withhold information and share my thoughts truthfully. If any of you reading happens to be my friend/family/colleagues - please continue to act as if you are not aware for me to feel safe/comfortable to continue my public sharing >_<

The Branding

With pseudonymous presences, sometime I do feel a little disconnected from my audiences - hence I've decided to have a mascot to represent me, at least virtually ?

It's really your everyday-girl going about her journey towards achieving financial freedom in the long run - along with up's and down's along the journey.

The banner is inspired by how birds typically build up their nest, straws-by-straws, in order to have a comfortable home in the long term - exactly how we're going through our journey towards achieving financial freedom (except with golds/monies instead of straws).

Balancing Today vs. Tomorrow

I think I have my mom to thanks - as I believe part of her frugality were sow into my life since childhood days. I am lucky enough to start my first-job after graduating with above-average pay and managed to save above 25% of my gross-income at least for the first 2+ years of working.

Having said that - I have my strong view in maintaining a right balance between saving/investing for future vs. enjoying life as it is now. I am partly frugal, but I don't subscribe to the belief of extreme frugality. Not for me at least.

Life is unpredictable and before we know it, our life might have already come to an end. One thing for sure - I don't want to leave this world with a plenty long list of regrets (things not done) so I strive to enjoy live as much as I can, while being responsible to my personal finances.

And although I have had a good start, I also fell victim to the instant gratification and have made many impulsive purchase over the years that had hindered my progress towards Financial Freedom - you can read more about my old story here.

FI/RE Movement?

I'm a believer of the #FIRE movement, but not in its entirety. I don't believe in extreme frugal lifestyle and I definitely don't mind to continue working. I just wanted to be work-optional and have the freedom and options, to work on things that actually interests me rather than things that pay me well.

Since goal-setting is crucial to have half the works done, I decided to go ahead and set my FI/RE targets whilst still figuring out what exactly I want in life. The 3 different FI/RE targets will allow me to achieve different kind of lifestyles:



MYR 1.5 mil

2028 - 2030

Maintain a semi-frugal lifestyle with no more debts.



MYR 3 mil

2035 - 2038

Maintain my existing lifestyle with no more debts, but with occasional splurge and enjoyments in life – random shopping, travel, etc.


Overseas (Emigrate)

USD 2 mil


Emigrated out of Malaysia with higher cost of living, and maintain my existing lifestyle but without debts.

To achieve any of the above, my first stretch-goal / checkpoint would be to at least achieve my first-million net worth by end of 2025!

What's Next For Me?

Now that the storms are finally over, I am motivated enough to enforce my self-discipline that I had in the past, and restarted my financial freedom journey sometime back in Oct 2019. I am slowly rebuilding my retirement nests so that I can achieve my financial independence (being work-optional).

Fast forward to Dec 2020, I have managed to achieve an average of 42% savings rate for the past year. This may not seem much but I am very happy with where I am - compared to the times in 2019/2018 before I restarted my financial freedom journey where I have literally 0% savings rate, with RM0 emergency fund - you can read more about my years in review here.

Now my goal is simple, and I'll list them down below (and perhaps update, when circumstance changes):

  • Maintain my avg. Savings rate to at least 55% beyond 2022 and hit my first million net-worth before 35 years old by end of 2025
  • Prioritize my mental wellbeing whilst allowing for continuous learning and growth in knowledge / skills
  • Live life beyond numbers - spend if I have to, and pursue & create my own version of "Rich Life" so as to live life without regrets.

That's it for now! I will revisit and update this section as I grow my blog further and see you in other posts!

"Together, we shall grow!" Join me in the journey towards achieving financial freedom together!

p/s: make sure to also follow my Instagram and Facebook account! Also, special shoutouts to @dividendmagic whose blog I had followed since many years ago, and definitely one of my source of inspiration when starting this blog.


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