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My Recommendations or Referrals

I realised that it wasn’t exactly easy to find the list of products or services I am currently using, or simply recommending them. Some of you have been kind enough to text / email me privately / leaving comments to ask for the referral codes – which I truly appreciate (although not my primary objective to start the blog!)  so I have decided to compile them.

Here’s a list of products or services which I am currently using, or are recommending. Some may contain affiliated link (marked with *) where I may earn small commissions/benefits from successful referrals; and some do not – and are purely a recommendation from my side. Some products or services also has referral benefits for both parties.

I will always be transparent and declare exactly what I stand to gain where contractually allowed. Otherwise I may mask the actual numbers but will still declare it, anyway.

Banking Services

CIMB Singapore

Simply the easiest & cheapest way for Malaysians to own foreign bank accounts with no fees, from comfort of your home via CIMB FastSaver Account.



A cheaper, faster way to send money abroad with fuss-free experience. Best part? Money arrives instantly in most cases. Use my referral link for first Free International Transfer up to £500!

* I will get 20 GBP for every 3 successful referrals

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Another cheap way to send money abroad, though I seriously prefer TransferWise more if the rates are similar (<$1 differences) as InstaRem takes 4++ hours just to perform a transfer.

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One of the best money app in Malaysia, providing you with a prepaid card accepted by most (if not all) merchants, with unbeatable exchange rate (spot rate). Definitely a must-have for my travelling needs or purchases in foreign currencies!* sign up with my code below and we will both get RM10 upon successful registrationInfo

Investing / Brokerage House (Malaysia)

HLeBroking (Direct CDS)

Cash Upfront Account "Value Trade" with minimum Trading Fees of RM8.48 or 0.106% flat of contract value (whichever is higher)

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Rakuten Trade (Nominee CDS)

"Cash Upfront" Account with minimum Trading Fees starting from RM7 (trades below RM1k) / RM9 (trades between 1k - RM10k) / 0.1% flat of contract value (trades between 10k - RM100k) / RM100 (trades above RM100k)

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Investing / Brokerage House (International)

TradeStation Global (Interactive Brokers)

My one-stop-shop for my international buy-and-hold investments across various markets - US, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, ...

* I might get some rebates on commissions upon successful referral with approved accounts - still in discussion with TSG and not finalised!

p/s Don't forget to mention '' in the registration form ("Where did you here about us?") during your sign up! 

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You Need A Budget*

You Need A Budget. No, seriously! Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money. I've been using this application since the era of YNAB4 and it really helped me with the money-jar zero-based budgeting system.

Use my referral link for free 1-month trial! (p/s usually extendable up to 2 months by messaging Support)

* I will get 1-month subscription for new successful subscribers

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Amazon Lightsail

For all-in-one hosting needs. I'm still using their AWS Free Tier for my self-hosted WordPress, but plans to move over once the Free Tier expires which'll cost me either $3.5/month or $5/month.

WARNING: Technical know-how required


Book Depository

My favourite go-to (online) bookstore with free delivery to Malaysia. Plus, books there are always on sales! Do take note on the pricing tho - as the discount may fluctuate on different days.


Again, referral benefits isn’t my main objective hence you’ll see quite a number of these recommendation do not come with affiliated links (or I’m just lazy :P)

For those that have signed up using my affiliated links – I can’t thank you enough, and I sincerely appreciated it!


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