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My Recommendations or Referrals

I realised that it wasn’t exactly easy to find the list of products or services I am currently using, or simply recommending them. Some of you have been kind enough to text / email me privately / leaving comments to ask for the referral codes – which I truly appreciate (although not my primary objective to start the blog!)  so I have decided to compile them.

Here’s a list of products or services which I am currently using, or are recommending. Some may contain affiliated link (marked with *) where I may earn small commissions/benefits from successful referrals; and some do not – and are purely a recommendation from my side. Some products or services also has referral benefits for both parties.

I will always be transparent and declare exactly what I stand to gain where contractually allowed. Otherwise I may mask the actual numbers but will still declare it, anyway.

Banking Services

CIMB Singapore

Simply the easiest & cheapest way for Malaysians to own foreign bank accounts with no fees, from comfort of your home via CIMB FastSaver Account.



A cheaper, faster way to send money abroad with fuss-free experience. Best part? Money arrives instantly in most cases. Use my referral link for first Free International Transfer up to £500!

* I will get 20 GBP for every 3 successful referrals

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Another cheap way to send money abroad, though I seriously prefer TransferWise more if the rates are similar (<$1 differences) as InstaRem takes 4++ hours just to perform a transfer.

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One of the best money app in Malaysia, providing you with a prepaid card accepted by most (if not all) merchants, with unbeatable exchange rate (spot rate). Definitely a must-have for my travelling needs or purchases in foreign currencies!* sign up with my code below and we will both get RM10 upon successful registration


Investing / Brokerage House (Malaysia)

HLeBroking (Direct CDS)

Cash Upfront Account "Value Trade" with minimum Trading Fees of RM8.48 or 0.106% flat of contract value (whichever is higher)

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Rakuten Trade (Nominee CDS)

"Cash Upfront" Account with minimum Trading Fees starting from RM7 (trades below RM1k) / RM9 (trades between 1k - RM10k) / 0.1% flat of contract value (trades between 10k - RM100k) / RM100 (trades above RM100k)

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Frankly I'm still skeptical of crypto but no harm to expose <5% of my portfolio in crypto through custodial wallet Luno Malaysia, approved by Securities Commission of Malaysia

* sign up with my code below and we will both get RM25 worth of bitcoin when you deposits and buys MYR 250 in any crypto from Luno's Instant Buy or Sell (Luno Exchange not included)


StashAway Malaysia*

My favourite method of investing - in an automated and simplified manner. Less hassle, less worrying!

* sign up with my link below to get 50% off your management fee for the first 6 months up to RM100,000 portfolio managed! I will get a very small commission in low 2-digits for every successful sign ups!

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Investing / Brokerage House (International)

TradeStation Global (Interactive Brokers)

My one-stop-shop for my international buy-and-hold investments across various markets - US, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, ...

* I will get a very small rebate on my commissions for my future trades up to my first 5 referrals (already reached the limit 😆)

p/s Don't forget to mention '' in the registration form ("Where did you here about us?") during your sign up! 

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You Need A Budget*

You Need A Budget. No, seriously! Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money. I've been using this application since the era of YNAB4 and it really helped me with the money-jar zero-based budgeting system.

Use my referral link for free 1-month trial! (p/s usually extendable up to 2 months by messaging Support)

* I will get 1-month subscription for new successful subscribers

Sign Up*

Amazon Lightsail

For all-in-one hosting needs. I'm still using their AWS Free Tier for my self-hosted WordPress, but plans to move over once the Free Tier expires which'll cost me either $3.5/month or $5/month.

WARNING: Technical know-how required


Book Depository

My favourite go-to (online) bookstore with free delivery to Malaysia. Plus, books there are always on sales! Do take note on the pricing tho - as the discount may fluctuate on different days.


Again, referral benefits isn’t my main objective hence you’ll see quite a number of these recommendation do not come with affiliated links (or I’m just lazy :P)

For those that have signed up using my affiliated links – I can’t thank you enough, and I sincerely appreciated it!


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