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Published April 28, 2024

Updated April 29, 2024

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I'll be tracking my net worth growth here on this page, since the reinstallment of my "personal finances" mindset late 2019 following my story here.

My personal net worth formula will be EXCLUDING my primary residence that I’m staying in, in the essence that it generates all the expenses/liabilities with no ability to generate income – a concept popularised from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Net Worth Tracker as of March 2024

When it comes to tracking my investments (personal / EPF), with the market fluctuations everyday – it is almost impossible to track my net worth in an efficient manner.

Hence for my monthly monitoring, I solely rely on my YNAB budget data which captures only the invested amount AND realised gain/loss. In short, my net worth ignores market fluctuation until I actually realised the gain/loss OR during my annual review exercise (where I review my financial health in a more comprehensive manner).

I know it may not be in line with accounting standards – but I’m just more comfortable with this net worth formula as it does not feel inflated and also less work for me to “update” my budget - take this as the more conservative approach in estimating net worth.

Net Worth History

I know some of you would prefer to use the standard accounting principles to include Property value in Net Worth Calculation - if so, just add RM400K to my Net Worth Value below as I only have one property in my name today.

DateNet Worth
(excl. Property)
2019 Q4-RM182K-
2020 Q1-RM171K+RM11K
2020 Q2-RM102K+RM68K
2020 Q3-RM68K+RM34KRinggit Freedom's October 2020 Updates
2020 Q4-RM7K+RM61K2020 in Review: A Year After Restarting My Financial Journey
2021 Q1RM74K+RM82KRinggit Freedom’s March 2021 Updates
2021 Q2RM134K+RM59KRinggit Freedom’s June 2021 Updates: Mid-Year Checkpoint
2021 Q3RM167K+RM34KRinggit Freedom’s September 2021 Updates
2021 Q4RM212K+RM45K2021 in Review: A Little Too Soon?
2022 Q1RM278K+RM65KRinggit Freedom’s March 2022 Updates
2022 Q2RM318K+RM41K
2022 Q3RM339K+RM21K
2022 Q4RM429K+RM90K2022 in Review: An Autopilot Year
2023 Q1RM533K+RM104KRinggit Freedom’s June 2023 Updates: Mid-Year Checkpoint
2023 Q2RM608K+RM75KRinggit Freedom’s June 2023 Updates: Mid-Year Checkpoint
2023 Q3RM648K+RM40K
2023 Q4RM717K+RM68K2023 in Review: Slowing Down Actually Took Me Further
2024 Q1RM891K+RM175KRinggit Freedom’s March 2024 Updates
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