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Updated July 6, 2024

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Decided to create this page out of whim and make it a little interesting way to track my journey, and also as a source of motivation for myself to achieve my next "goals", doing it the gamer-style!

Even when playing games, I loved the idea of "unlocking" or "collecting" those little achievement points. It just has the feel-good element in it.

I guess because it aligns with my motto of celebrating every small successes along the journey through conscious efforts, whilst looking forward to the next one!

There will be 3 sections in this page, where the achievements will be split into:

  • Lifestyle (aka Misc.): All kind of weird achievements throughout my life's journey - finance or not.
  • Net Worth: Entirely based on my net worth - maybe except my primary residence
  • Portfolio: The "Ringgit Freedom" portfolio which I've funded and managed myself (not including EPF-related investments) amongst my learning journey.


All kind of "unlocks" throughout my life's journey, both good or bad.


Live dangerously without a budget for more than 12 months!

Moving in to my first family home, with my own sweet-master-room!

Live dangerously without emergency funds for more than 12 months!

Getting only one Angpao throughout Lunar New Year

Saying "NO" to a properly planned monthly budgets throughout 2022 Apr - Dec without wrecking my personal finances!

Budget Anniversary

I Need A Budget – for sure!

Sticking to my budget for a year straight!

Sticking to my budget for 2 years straight!

Sticking to my budget for 3 years straight! RIP 2022 Apr-Dec. My winning streak is gone.

Sticking to my budget for 4 years straight!

Net Worth

My personal net worth formula will be EXCLUDING my primary residence that I’m staying in, in the essence that it generates all the expenses/liabilities with no ability to generate income – a concept popularised from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which you can find more details in the dedicated net worth page.

-RM???: Having more debts than my worth ?

RM0: Officially “ZERO” worth… probably one of the rare ZERO’s that we actually celebrate in life.

RM250K: I need a “X4” button to click and directly skip into the millionaire’s club ?

RM1MIL: Officially “The Millionaire Next Door”. YASSSSS!!!!!!!!

RM2MIL+: Who said we was stopping at RM1mil !?!?

Portfolio Investment

Tracking my portfolio investment journey since my first time exploring beyond Fixed Deposits.

Asset Under Management

My personal “Ringgit Freedom” portfolio which I fund and manages it myself (not including EPF-related investments) as I start my snowball journey.

RM1K: First step into the world of investments are scary indeed.

RM10K: Whew! My fragile heart survived the market.

RM100K: The next milestone seemed far-reached… but we shall not STOP!

RM500K: Halfway there towards the million portfolio!

RM1MIL: Who knew that we, too, can hit RM1mil !?!?

RM2MIL: Into the next million, and the next, and the next……

Domain Knowledge

On areas that I have begun my exploration as a beginner! At least to “know” about the topic with enough basic understanding.

At one point I believed Fixed Deposits were the only place to ‘invest’ money

The corporate/government version of the fixed deposits!

My first baby-step into the world of bond & equities, beautifully wrapped in a basket.

That sweet, sweet tax rebates.

Hedging against risks, at a price.

Going beyond Malaysia onto the world of international investing,

At one point I was fearing it as “big risk, big rewards, kids stay out!” zone

Investing without me doing anything? Perfect for a lazy sloth like me!

We are all Ah-longs now! Legally.

My first baby-step into the world of equities, without the expensive basket.

Like the roller-coasters in theme park – getting nausea by just looking at it.

I will gradually update this page with more achievements as the idea bulb comes by! In a way - this helps me to stay focused on some of my big-picture visions whilst staying motivated to work towards the next immediate target.


This article was originally published on March 6, 2021
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