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Published August 14, 2021

Updated August 14, 2021

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It has been almost 10 months since I have started my open sharing of my journey towards financial freedom - and along the way I have met (virtually, thanks to COVID-19...) quite a number of new people.

Some of them are content creators in the same personal finance space. Some are aspiring individuals with strong interest with personal finance. Some are new to the space, and regretted not to learn it earlier.

Regardless of the types of person I have met thus far, I noticed that there's at least one thing in common: EVERYONE HAVE THEIR OWN STORY TO TELL. That's right, all of us goes through different life experiences, with completely different circumstances. Even the family and environment we're born into is very different at times.

And since I have now a platform to share MY STORIES to the bigger public, why not allow the same for any interested persons to do the same, to share THEIR STORIES to the bigger public?

Introducing the "Guest Letters"!

The "Guest Letter" submissions will allow any aspiring individuals to share their story, anonymously (or openly, depending on your choice!), to the bigger audience. All you need to do is to email your story to myself at [email protected] in any format that you'd prefer, and if qualified, I will be publishing it on behalf of you (with your permissions, of course!)

To kick off this series in conjunction with the redesign of the blog, we will be sharing the FIRST submission with an inspiring story from our reader, in coming weeks! Be sure to check it out once it is published here.

How to Qualify?

Whilst we want to allow everyone to publish their stories as an inspiration to more Malaysians to onboard their own version of the financial freedom journey; we want to also ensure quality submissions for consistent reading experience on the blog hence the below ground rules apply:

All submissions must be original.

Yep - as straightforward as it is - that means no plagiarism from other sources, or publishing stories that isn't yours (or from your own words).

Share only what you are comfortable with.

You don't need to share everything about you to the point that people can identify you (unless you're comfortable of course). Still, share enough so that the readers can put themselves in your shoes to understand contextually what has happened in your stories.

Keep it clean.

While we don't need to go all the way to the professional side of equations (think corporate lingual), we want to ensure a smooth reading experience by the readers as well. Keep your languages clean. Grammatical errors are fine - as we will also help to clean up / fix grammars if any, during the screening process, though we're not perfect ourselves.

Be respectful.

Critiques are fine - but don't attack people personally. Respect and tolerate each other's differences - from culture, religion, political views, gender expression, sexual orientation, etc. In fact, if it's not relevant to the story you are sharing, just keep it out entirely!

Use Common Sense.

To avoid this section becoming 10-pages long, I've decided to summarise the rest under the "common sense" section. The submissions are meant for more Malaysians to share their money story with others - and definitely not for product placement, advertisements, spreading hate speech, political speech, or whatever not. The list is not exhaustive - use common sense.

Formats of Submission

To ease the submission, there's no fixed format on how/what you can submit. But if you need an inspiration, feel free to check out existing publications or my story for an idea!

Otherwise, below serves as a general guideline on how/what are needed for a full submission:

  • Your Published Name - can be a nickname, internet name, or anonymous (a random name will be generated & assigned to you during publication)
  • Your Website/Profile URL - optional, for people to visit your page (if any) after reading your stories.
  • Your Short Bio - typically a short introduction about yourself in 4-8 sentences
  • Your Story - in any format. Recommended to split your story into chapters to ease the reading experience.
  • Length - try not to write a 300-pages thesis ? As a general guideline, keep it within 500-2500 words at maximum.

Don't worry about grammar, spelling or language (especially of English is not your forte). Make sure your story is clear and understandable - and we can work together in touching up the stories before publication.

How are your works protected?

By submitting the guest letter, you hereby agree to grant the publisher the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License to share and adapt your works to be published within (and its associated social media accounts) with no additional exceptions or limitations - with full attribution given to you.

Your submitted contents are also protected by our Terms of Use with All Rights Reserved to avoid reuse by 3rd parties without prior consent from the Publisher and also full attributions to yourself.

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